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"If falling is allowed, standing up is mandatory"

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Ander Mirambell Biography

Ander Mirambell Viñas, born in Barcelona on February 17, 1983, and with a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, made his Winter Olympic Games debut on his 27th birthday, becoming the first athlete in history to represent Spain in the Skeleton discipline.

Ander has lived for and through sports since he was born. First as a footballer, where he played for the RCD Espanyol's Juvenil B team, and later as an athlete, a discipline that led him to participate in two European Club Cups in Rennes and Moscow. Finally, Mirambell has focused his sports career on the exciting world of skeleton, although he does not hesitate to practice any other sport, from football to beach volleyball, golf, or basketball, in his free time.

Outside of the ice tubes and training fields, Ander is a lover of Mediterranean food, but the dish that truly drives him crazy is the flan his mother cooks, a sign of what he enjoys in the company of his loved ones. In his free time, his great hobby is attending any sporting event, especially his team's matches, RCD Espanyol, which he follows wherever it plays.

Ander has made history by bringing an Olympic sport to our country. The pursuit, which at first seemed like a pipe dream, was cemented after a long journey in his personal car from Calella to northern Europe. Once there, four long seasons of hard training and sacrifice began, after which he managed to consolidate himself in the elite of world skeleton. Mirambell is among the youngest on the Circuit, although he still has many kilometers to improve on his sled, as in his sport, maturity is not achieved until the age of 34.

Ahead of him, an infinity of dreams and sporting milestones to achieve, all embraced by the motto that has guided his career from the beginning: "If it is allowed to fall, it is OBLIGATORY to get up."

To know who Ander Mirambell is, there is nothing better than to turn to the testimonials of those who have lived and trained with him in recent years:

Jay Rewalt, skeleton pilot from Bermuda, rival and travel companion:

"Ander Mirambell is an incredibly talented athlete and a pioneer in Spanish Skeleton racing. Ander is a great man, and I am honored to call him my friend."

Ramón Pizarro, commentator for the Skeleton World Cup and the Olympics for Teledeporte:

"Ander is like fire on ice. He turns a dream into a passion. That passion transforms into a display of perseverance, work, and sacrifice. That work and sacrifice turn it into reality. Supportive, intelligent, and friendly."

José Manuel Castillo, journalist for MARCA and specialist in Poly sports:

"Ander Mirambell was a breath of fresh air in Spanish winter sports -and in general- not only for bringing a specialty that had never been practiced in our country but also because he is the complete athlete, capable of spreading his passion and understanding that the athlete does not live only to train. To break the media barrier, something more is needed, and Ander understood this from the very beginning. Passion, absolute dedication, knowledge, accessibility, and capacity for improvement make him a star without being one. I wish there were many like him."

Frederic Corderas, university colleague, and friend. He followed the Vancouver 2010 Olympics with Ander:

"Ander is the mobility booster personified. With constant sacrifice, he renews his aspirations positively without looking back, which takes him to a level of unlimited perseverance."

Juan Gasch, a fellow athlete since the day he switched from football to skeleton:

"Ander is a great friend who will achieve all the goals he sets out to achieve, as he has shown us all that with a lot of effort and sacrifice, dreams come true."


Ander Mirambell has received the Medal of Honor from Barcelona in recognition of his sports career and competitive spirit. The award was presented by the mayor, Ada Colau, and is given annually to 25 outstanding individuals or entities.

Mirambell was accompanied by his family and representatives from the Spanish Ice Federation. The Barcelona City Council aims to acknowledge individuals and entities that promote civic values and contribute to sports, culture, and civic engagement.

In a subsequent interview, Mirambell expressed his pride in receiving the recognition and his connection to Barcelona, as well as his residence in Manresa. He emphasized the importance of representing Espanyol de Barcelona and using the city as a reference point during his travels.

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